Doing Business in Japan

Business in Japan - The Stats

Especially for consumer brands, doing business in Japan means a noisy marketplace. How to rise above the noise and make your message not only heard but penetrate the hearts and minds of your target customers is an essential factor for success when doing business in Japan?

TVCM (terrestrial broadcast and cable), print and internet are the preferred media. Two tools that are indispensable for honing and refining your message are optimization and multivariate testing. They are specialized statistical testing and analysis methodologies that bring marketers quickly to the optimum medium and campaign. With optimization and multivariate testing much of the 'intuition' and guesswork about what works is replaced with hard fact. ROI dollars (or Yen) can be measured directly.

Doing Business in Japan - Returning to Japan

Optimization and multivariate test was perfected in the West by a handful of leaders in this field. One of which, Mario Fantoni, a former design engineer and consulting manager for three F500 companies brought his engineering and business discipline to the 'soft' world of marketing and led the way for optimization and multivariate testing in marketing and ad technologies and campaigns.

Funny thing is though, optimization and multivariate testing have their genesis in Japan. These two, now indispensable, marketing methodologies have their roots in the Japanese heavy industry sector. Dr. Genichi Taguchi developed these methodologies for the manufacturing industries automotive being the best example of why Japanese cars are so predictably reliable. Dr. Taguchi's work was brought to the West by Dr. James Kowalick, at the time, one of the chief scientists at Aerojet (yep he really is a rocket scientist!).

Optimization and multivariate testing are coming back to Japan as Mr. Fantoni's vision and execution have created a whole new industry for advertisers and marketers. The roadmap for doing business in Japan successfully just became clearer.