It's Not About Testing, It's About Optimizing


Online advertisers and direct marketers all face the same challenge: crafting
and presenting messages that persuade prospects to act, whether that action
involves responding with a mouse click, mailing back a coupon or calling an
800 number.

Today, it is possible, and easy, to deliver more relevant and engaging
messages with Multivariate Testing. By exposing different combinations of
variables to different viewers and then measuring their actions, multivariate
testing can identify and prescribe the most compelling combination of content
and form and thereby ensure optimum audience response.

OfferMaxima's methodology quickly tests and optimizes different web site
designs, email or direct marketing campaigns, and printed ads. Use
OfferMaxima's methodology to target specific marketing offers, products and
content to different segments of visitors or individuals.

Benefits of Multivariable Testing:

• Far more robust than just A/B split testing
• Recognizes interrelationships within the variables (it is not a "silo" approach)
• Requires minimal traffic to get statistically reliable data
• Reduces the likelihood of "false positives"
• Can validate results by audience
• Allows decisions to be based on reliable representative samples
• Does not have any "black box" elements; you understand why things worked

Who Can Benefit from Multivariate Optimization:

• E-Commerce sites
• Lead Generation sites
• Direct Mail campaigns
• Email campaigns
• Online ads
• Banners
• PPC campaigns
• Printed ads



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Lars Johansson from interviews Mario Fantoni, OfferMaxima's founder and one of the world's foremost experts on multivariate testing for marketing optimization. This podcast was voted one of the top 5 podcasts of 2007 in the area of Web Analytics and Optimization.


Dell Case Study

Increasing online sales 7x with Multivariable Testing.


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